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MARY JOHNSON - Mary is the maternal grandmother to the Harris/Johnson family.  She is the mother of Henrietta Johnson who married Richard Harris.  Richard was the son of Tom and Sally Harris.  Richard and Henrietta's sons and daughter are:

NEPHUS HARRIS (October 20, 1884 - March 22, 1943).  The oldest son of Richard & Henrietta Harris.  Nephus married Jenny.  From this union three sons were born.

JAMES HENRY HARRIS (March 24, 1886 - December 11, 1914).  James was the second son of Richard & Henrietta Harris.  James went away and no one ever heard from him again.  Dec. 11, 1914 was the last date on record that anyone in the family can remember seeing him.

JOSEPH LEE HARRIS (January 28, 1888 - February 3, 1963).  Joe was the third son of Richard & Henrietta.  Joe married Nannie Fitzgerald.  Out of that union two children were born, Rhoda and Joseph, Jr.

WILLIAM BURLIE HARRIS (December 2, 1890 - September 7, 1969). Burlie, as he was called, was the fourth son of Richard & Henrietta.  Burlie married Anna Fowlkes.  They had eight children.

MARY ELIZABETH HARRIS (April 4, 1893 - July 20, 1918).  Mary was the only daughter of Richard & Henrietta.  She died at the age of 25.

PLEASANT MORTON HARRIS (December 19, 1895 - August 10, 1967).  Morton was the sixth child of Richard and  Henrietta.  Morton was married twice.  First to Fannie Dupree.  They had two children.  His second wife was Ella Seay Parker.  They had eight children.

CHARLIE CRENSHAW HARRIS (May 28, 1898 - August 3, 1943).  Charlie was the seventh child of Richard & Henrietta.  Charlie married Louise Fitzgerald.  They had six children.

LINDSAY HARRIS (September 26, 1900 - December 16, 1951).  Lindsay was the eighth child of Richard & Henrietta.  Lindsay was the only bachelor of the Harris boys.

ALBERT MCKINLEY HARRIS (December 8, 1901 - April 6 1980).  McKinley was the youngest of the nine children.  McKinley married Mamie Lee.  Out of that union ten children were born.

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