Below You Will Find The Description Of The Symbols In Our Family Crest

FAITH - Phil. 4:13 reads "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  The cross in our family crest represents our faith in God Almighty.  We are a Christian family that believes in serving the Lord.

FREEDOM - The broken shackles in our family crest represent freedom to chart own destinies and freedom of self-determination.

HERITAGE - The continent of Africa in our family crest symbolizes our common Black heritage.  We must acknowledge our past to effectively determine our future.

KNOWLEDGE & ACHIEVEMENT - Knowledge is power, ignorance is bondage. The Harris Family members are encouraged and expected to strive to achieve their maximum potential. This is symbolized by the graduation cap.

HARRIS - This is our family name.  Currently it is only traceable as far back as Tom Harris who was born in the 1830's.

Created by Vincent E. Harris

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